About Me


I am the Wandering Scott.  I am a human currently residing in the coastal city of Vancouver, Canada.  I’m also within my first year of residency in Family Medicine.

I like to experience life.  I like to think about life.  At my very core, I care about others.  These are the tenants that define me, and these will be the tenants that define this website.

On this website, you will find pictures that I’ve been lucky and privileged enough to take on some adventures that I’ve had.  You’ll also find an infrequently updated section on my musings on the world.

Photos on the site are by and large taken with my Sony Alpha Nex-5.  Edits are done with Picasa.

Now, one small disclaimer.  I have been privileged enough to live my life with relative ease compared to many.  There are a number of view points and experiences that I might have difficulty relating to, and if I ever offend somebody in any of my posts, I apologize in advance and please please send me a message so that I can both fix the post and self-reflect on it as well.  I can’t promise to never offend anybody and to never have bad moments, but I can promise that I will always try to be better.  And isn’t that what being a human is all about?


Until next,


The Wandering Scott

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